About Us

The Department of Agricultural and Biosystems Engineering was established as one of the foundation Departments under the College of Science and Engineering right from the inception of Landmark University in March 2011. It started as the Department of Engineering with the inclusion of Agricultural Engineering Unit as one of the Units under it but with effect from the commencement of the 2012/ 2013 academic session in September 2012; Agricultural and Biosystems Engineering became a full-fledged Department.

The department has five major sub-divisions namely:

  • Farm Power and Machinery
  • Farm Structures and Environment Control
  • Processing and Storage Engineering
  • Soil and Water Engineering and
  • Biosystems Engineering

The Department also has four well-equipped laboratories and workshop to commensurate with the sub-divisions, they are:

  • Farm Power and Machinery laboratory
  • Processing and Storage Laboratory
  • Soil and Water Engineering Laboratory
  • Farm Structures and Environmental Laboratory

In addition to this, the Department also has field equipment and laboratories which are used jointly with other sister Engineering Departments.  Such facilities include:

  • General Workshop I (Production and Fabrication)
  • General Workshop II (Welding and Fabrication)
  • General and Workshop III (Fittings Workbench)
  • Wood Workshop
  • Environmental Engineering Laboratory
  • Concrete Laboratory
  • Structure laboratory
  • Strength of material laboratory
  • Basic Electrical Engineering Laboratory
  • Transport Phenomenon Laboratory 
  • Chemical analysis and Biochemical Engineering Laboratory
  • Engineering drawing studio

The Department’s Head is Engr. Dr.  J. O. Ojediran.